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Service Delivery Complaints

Lekwa-Teemane Municipality does its best to delivery services to the people in the community.  Sometimes, unfortunately, things do go wrong and the relevant service is not delivered as expected, or on schedule.  When you do good, no one notices, but when you do bad, everyone talks about it.

So talk to us, and help us make it better for you. 

Please use the following guideline to assist you with a service delivery complaint.

STEP 1: Call the Relevant Municipal Office and ask to speak to the person in charge of the relevant service you are complaining about. Make a note of who you speak to and the solution they offered to your problem.  Make sure you and the relevant official/manager agrees by when the problem will be sorted out or when he/she will give you feedback.

If the problem is not sorted out as agreed, or not to your satisfaction,

STEP 2:  Escalate the problem to the relevant Manager or Director.  Again make sure you have the name of the official you are dealing with.  Bear in mind, the specific Official or Manager might not have all the facts at hand, or have an immediate solution available. Also, make note of the offered solution and the time frame. 

If the problem still is not sorted out as agreed, or within the time frame discussed,

STEP 3:  Bring it to the attention of the Municipal Managers Office.  The MM is the highest official and might not know the specifics of your problem, but he can assist in getting the problem attended to and in a timely manner.  The best is to send email to the Office of the MM, or via fax, or if you have no other way to communicate, via telephone.  It's so much quicker to respond to a written complaint, as  you will give all the relevant facts, whereas with a phone call, some detail might get lost.

ALTERNATIVELY, If you prefer, you can always submit your complaint via email and it will be dealth with by the humans - we promise we DO attend to mail received.  Please mail any service delivery complaint or general complaints / problems to: complain   To keep spambots away, this address is an image - you have to manually type it in your email programme.  Or you can use the Talk To Us form that is available on bottom of all the pages on this website. 

Contact Numbers for the different towns:

   SERVICE    BLOEMHOF              

053-4412206 / 7 /8

      After Hours        
      Fax Number 053-4331442 053- 053-4413735 053-
 Electrical, Streetlights, Power cables       053-4331018 053-4331018 053-4412206 053-4412206
      After Hours     083-3063394  
 Water 053-4331018 053-4331018 053-4412206 053-4412206
      After Hours     083-3820880  
 Sewerage, Stormwater 053-4331018 053-4331018 053-4412206 053-4412206
      After Hours        
 Refuse Removal 053-4331018 053-4331018 053-4412206 053-4412206
      After Hours        
 Traffic 053-4331018 053-4331018 053-4412206 053-4412206
      After Hours        
 National Emergency Number Mobile Network:  112    
 Ambulance 053-4331881/4331826   053-4412084  
 Fire     0828011926 0828011926
 Police 053-4339100 10111 10111 10111
 Hospital 053-4331146 053-4412001 053-4412238  

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