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Published Information

Update to SCM page with Invitations to Bid.


2022/2023 Annual Report: 

The 2022/2023 Annual Report is available for download here.


2023/24 Mid Term Report:

The 2023/2024 Mid Term Report as tabled to Council 


Public Notice: 

The Lekwa -Teemane Local Municipality is in the process of granting Inqaba Yokulinda (INQABA) a Pre-approval on a three (3) year lease period for the establishment of an agricultural college on a portion of the Remaining Extent of Portion 1 of the farm Klipfontein 344-HO in Bloemhof and measures 20ha.  Read the Notice here.


2023/2024 Budget and Related:

NW396 FINAL A Schedule 202324.pdf
NW396 Financial Plan Progress Report 31 May 2023.pdf
NW396 ORIGINAL Budget 2023-24.pdf
NW396FINAL Budget council resolution 202324.pdf
NW396_Service standards 202324.pdf
Original Budget Tariff LIST 2023 24.pdf 

Various Policies are also updated. Find it here


SCM Update: 

List of awarded tenders for the current financial year.  

UPDATE:  RFQ - Supply and Delivery of Brickmaking materials (Closing Date: 06/12/2023)


2021/22 Annual Report, Adjustment Budget, Mid-Term Report:

The 2021/22 Annual Report (Large PDF file)
Adjustment Budget - Feb 2023 
MFMA Section 72D Mid-Term Report



Performance Agreement - C.F.O.
Performance Agreement - Municipal Manager


2022/23 SDBIP:

Approved SDBIP 2022/2023




Multiple Invitations to bid (Closing dates 17-19 August 2022)



Please note that the Bankers for Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality has changed to First National Bank.  Details are given in this notice.

Please note that the Prepaid Electricity Vending System for Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality has changed.  Details are given in this notice.



Request for Quotions (Closing date: 08 June 2022) 
SCMLTLM-2022-011, 012, 013, 014

Supply and delivery of Library Promotional Material;  Supply, Delivery and Install of Blinds for Library;  Supply, Delivery and Install of Devils Fork at Bloemhof Library;  Supply and Delivery of IT Equipment. 


2021/22 SDBIP


Published Final 2021/22 SDBIP


2020/21 Annual Report


Notice pertaining to the 2020/21 Annual Report 

Annual Report 2020/21 (Large PDF file)


Valuation Roll 2022:


Valuation Roll 2022 Full Layout Volume 1 

Valuation Roll 2022 SS Volume 2 

Certification by Valuer 


Application For Employment Forms:


Application for Employment:  Senior Managers 

Application for Employment: Junior Staff 


2020/21 Budget and Policies


BUDGET 2021/2022:

Budget : Council Resolution 15/2021

NW396 B Schedule mSCOA 2021

NW396 Council Resolution Draft Budget 2021/22

NW396 A Schedule mSCOA Final Draft Budget 2021/22

NW396 Proposed Tariff Increase 2021/22

NW396 Service Standards included in the Budget 

Additional Documents: 

Council Resolution on the 2021/22 Budget

Final Financial Plan 2022

Locking Certificate 2022

MTREF Budget and Quality Certificate 

Service Standards included in the Budget Circular 



IDP 2021/2022



Performance Agreement - Ms Mbonani

Performance Agreement - Mr Thokoane

Performance Agreement - Mr Mabula



2020-2021 First Quarter Performance Report 

2020-2021 Second Quarter Performance Report 

2020-2021 Third Quarter Performance Report 

2020-2021 Fourth Quarter Performance Report 

2020-2021 Mid Term Performance Report 

2019/2020 Annual Report 

2019-20 1st Quarter Performance Report

2019-20 2nd Quarter Performance Report

2019-20 3rd Quarter Performance Report

2019-20 4th Quater Performance Report



2019-2020 Mid Year Assessment Report



LTLM_NW396_A1 Schedule - mSCOA vs 6.4 - final budget2021

LTLM_NW396_Annual budget 202021 council resolution

LTLM_NW396_Final Budget MBRR

LTLM_NW396_final budget quality certificate


LTLM-2020June Budget and IDP Working Session



2020/2021 SDBIP

SDBIP 2019/2020 Revised

SDBIP LTLM Final 2019-2020





Updated 2021: 

Assets Management Policy 2021/22

Virement Policy 2021/22

Supply Chain Management Policy

Banking and Investment Policy

Delegation of Authority Policy

Funding Reserves Policy 2021/22

Investment Policy 2021/22

Borrowing Policy 2021/22

Cost Containment Policy 2021/22

Unclaimed Deposits Policy 2021/22

Fraud & Anti-Corruption Policy 

Indigent Policy 2021

Petty Cash Policy 2021/22

Payday Policy 2021 

Travel and Subsistence Policy 2021

Rates Policy 2022

Budget Policy 2021

Budget Policy 2021/22

Credit Control & Debt Collection Policy 

Tariff Policy 2021/22


Previous / Older Versions: 

LTLM-Banking and Investment policy

LTLM-Borrowing policy

LTLM-Cost containment policy

LTLM-Credit control and debt collection 2021

LTLM-Final Assets Management Policy-converted

LTLM-Final Petty cash Policy-converted

LTLM-Funding reserve policy

LTLM-Indigent policy

LTLM-Payday policy 2021

LTLM-Rates policy 2021

LTLM-Supply chain policy

LTLM-Tariff policy 2021

LTLM-Travel and subsistence policy 2021

LTLM-Unclaimed monies policy


Older Information:

2019/20 : BUDGET - A1_Schedule_-mSCOA_vs_ 6.3-_Draft Budget_2020

2019/20 : RATES:  LTLM_Notice-Assessment_of_Rates_2019

2019/20 : RATES:  LTLM_Notice2-2019_TariffCharges

2018/19 : REPORT : Annual Report 2018-2019

2018/19 : REPORT : 201819_1st_Quarter_Report

2018/19 : REPORT : 201819_2nd Quarter_Report

2018/19 : SCM : 2018-2019_AWARDED_TENDERS_UPDATED

2017/18 : RATES : LTLM 201718_Annual_Report


Audited Reports

Audited Financial Statements (August 2012)


Financial Reports

The following Reports pertaining to the Financial Performance of Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality has been adopted by Council:

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